Voices of Rebetiko Workshop Vanessa Kourtesi

Voices of Rebetiko
workshop Vanessa Kourtesi

For the third year, the vocal workshop about Rebetiko is starting again for -. Starting from October, in this year's meetings we are going to learn from the greater vocalists and composers of Rebetiko. We will experience the diversity and richness of the style and we will investigate the vocal lines, ornamentation, style and technique as developed in each song.

We will discuss and analyze the style of each composer and singer, diving deeper in the musical environment of Rebetiko music. In the end of each workshop the students will be able to understand musical characteristics of each song, stylistic patterns of the vocal lines as well as technical information.

During the year, we will have the chance to experience group singing and explore voice in relation to our body as well. The workshop includes also warm up, technical vocal exercises, vocal group practice and technical and performance guidance. Each student will also receive individual advice about technique and interpretation during the lesson.

Vanessa Kourtesi is a musician, vocalist, composer, and vocal educator based in Rotterdam. Born and raised in Athens, one of her first musical influences is Rebetiko and Greek traditional music. She has performed on many Athenian music scenes and collaborated with great musicians of the genre. She focuses on the music of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, exploring compositional, lyrical, and vocal ways to express herself. Using narrative, poetry, and engaging with jazz and experimental music, she creates images inspired by her experiences and imagination.
In , she released her first ep titled "Spending time with Esther," composed and produced by herself. Currently, she is working on her next personal album, composing and recording. Beyond her personal projects, Vanessa is a vocalist and composer in various formations and ensembles such as "Merem,", "The Circle Orchestra," and others. She also participates in groups that focus on the musical traditions of Greece and urban folk music, performing in Greece, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
She teaches individually and conducts group seminars about voice and Rebetiko in Greece, France, Belgium, and Germany.

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*The workshop will take place between 1-17.00 on Saturdays and between 11.00-14.00 on Sundays
*participants: 5(min)-15 (max). Registration is mandatory with a 48 hours cancellation notice.
Only Saturday (5 hours): 65 euros
Only Sunday (3 hours): 45 euros
Special discount for the whole weekend: 100 euros

Art Base, 5/, ue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles.
For reservations & more info to www.art-base.be
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