Umi x united label w/ dj masda, pjay, davy, dana kuehr & kayu

Lineup (A-Z):
Dana Kuehr
DJ Masda
DANA Kuehr


dj Masda



Limited presales:
Regular at the doors - open at 11pm
Rue du Marché aux Fromages 10, 1000 Bruxelles
Presenting United Label:
This is brand new concept launched by The Void Project aims to unite the electronic music sphere by collaborating with as many label representatives of our scene as possible ! This concept is not about headliners but about those behind the scenes who make it all possible and who often are great selectors themselves.
For this one Dj masda will be representing Cabaret Records and Davy will be representing Futurepast records label.
⇒ Come before midnight & order at the bar with the secret code (check our story Ig) to get a free drink !
⇒ Umi is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment. If you want assistance, please talk to our Care Team with an orange t-shirt or go to our help desk inside the club.
⇒ Holding a ticket does not guarantee you access to the event, the establishment reserves the right of entry to anyone who doesn't respect our policy.
⇒ Umi operates as a cashless space. You can conveniently recharge your card before and during the event. We accept both cash and card payments for recharging at our cashless points, located at the entrance and on the floor. You’ll receive a Umi-Card when entering the club that you can top up through Payconiq by Bancontact app, our cashless tab on our website, or on site at the banking stations. Please, check our Faq & our dedicated post for more info.
⇒ Free toilets all night long
⇒ High-quality earplugs & free earplugs available for purchase onsite


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Rue du Marché Aux Fromages 10
1000 Bruxelles
à partir de 21 ans

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