The Ghetto House party 3.0 with Miley Serious

 The Ghetto House party 3.0 with Miley Serious 

 French national day edition 

 Friday, July 13th 

Bass &  House music 
 Booty shake 
 Exotic dances 
️ Highly recommended ️

️ Miley Serious ️
Rinse France / 99cts rcrds

Miley Serious, is a dj, head of teh label 99cts Records and host on Rinse France radio. She is renowned for her sweat sets drawn from a melting pot of influence. Rising from the punk garage scene, Miley's sound in the electronic world has developed from its roots with an attitude that is ever present amongst rhythms of Acid, Ghetto Tech, Electro and techno. Miley has evolved in a universe where borders and intermediaries have long disappeared, exploring the world both digitally and on the road while touring in the four corners of the globe.

Marvy da Pimp
Booty Call Records / Rinse France

Marvy is a versatile dj and Parisian producer, well-versed in everything from electronic music (House, Bass, Tech) to urban music (Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk) …
He has been part of five years of unforgettable parties with his residencies in Paris at the renown The Social Club and Nouveau Casino with the Booty Call Crew but equally at Rex Club, Batofar, Djoon, Point Éphémère, inviting many quality international artists to the Parisian stage.

Dance Resurrection / The-Zone Records / We Play Acid

The craziest girl in the block is throwing the best and more tasteful parties in Brussels, such as the ' Dance Resurrection', ' Benediction - Rituels Exceptionnels ', and the ' Pink Night '.
Her unlimited 'power of love' brings the partygoers into an incredible trip through the nineties. Producer, keyboardist, Dj, and sound engineer, this multi-talented artist has performed in the best Paris and Belgium venues as differents names : Dance Resurrection Crew, Dj LovePills and the Cosmic Queen, Mafia Sauce Killers
Où :
Madame Moustache
5-7 Quai du Bois à Brûler
1000 Bruxelles
Tarif :
Public :
à partir de 18 ans
Internet :
Catégorie :
Clubbing alerte

Vendredi à 22:00

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