Professional Time Management Seminar / Practical & focused on job topics

Join us for an engaging and practical Time Management seminar, where you will learn practical methods, tactics and techniques that will enable you to better manage your time at work and be more efficient with less time spent.

This in-person event will take place on Sat March 0t 08:30 am (GMT+0100), the location (in Brussels) will be announced eks before the event.

This seminar is not like the majority of traditional Time Management seminars because it does not involve theoretical concepts and empty speeches. What is special in this seminar is that it gives you very clear tactics and practical methods to apply at work.

Key topics include:
+ effective planning and scheduling
+ eradicating disturbances at work
+ managing colleagues and projects smartly
+ fruitfully following up on actions by colleagues
+ dealing with e-mails effectively
+ smoothly reducing administrative actions
+ managing your core business efficiently
+ and much more

Our expert speaker is not a theorist nor a lecturer, he is an active professional who has worked (and still is) for 4 multinational companies located in 9 countries and has effectively managed 19 different functions over ears. Our expert will share with you his practical methods and tactics so that you can take action right after the seminar to better manage your time and therefore reduce your stress work.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, this seminar is tailored to meet your specific job-related needs. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your time management skills and take back the control of your time (and therefore your life).

Join us for this insightful seminar, let’s network and unlock your full potential in your job !

NB: The seminar is in English

Sera Annoncé 2 Semaines Avant le Seminaire
1000 Bruxelles
150 Euros
à partir de 18 ans

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