Macgray Release Party

Ftrsnd and Abyssin Productions happily present Macgray’s release party.

Strongly influenced by neoclassical (Nils Frahm), ambient (Aphex Twin, Brian Eno) and Idm (Max Cooper, Rone), Macgray’s first album “Journey to the Dawn” is a 60 minutes long story in ten chapters.

The album describes the collapse of a man's world and its subsequent reconstruction. Panic attacks follow glimpses of absolute calm. When the inner voice awakens, reality is buried. Shadows of the unconscious become real. The whirlwind of thoughts suffocates. There is no way out, only a sense of the imminent arrival of the end. The man rises, falls, rises, falls, till he finally learns to live again. The universe is no longer flawed. The voice survives but the man is now almost free.

9.00 -10.00 – Elefan (Live)
ELEFAN was born out of the meeting of two multi-instrumentalists and their common passion for electronica. They see their music as a field where they can bring together diverse elements from their background around electronic textures to create an original ambient Idm. They use a mix of organic and electronic instruments to bring their music into a live set.

10.00-11.00 – MacGray (Audiovisual Live performance)
Macgray had an early introduction to music, learning classical piano first and later on jazz at Jazz Studio (Antwerp). After playing in a rock band (@TOTM), producing hiphop tracks, songs and music for movies, he started working on his first solo album in . The first concerts already took place in September/October @the botanique and @Café central. After a long year of sweat, his first lp is finally ready and will be released @Fuse under two labels: SiameSound (Belgium) and Katuktu Collective (US).

The live performance is an audiovisual show prepared by visual artists. The connection between images and music has always been a key focus for Macgray.

11.00-1 – Sparkling Bits (Live)
Sparkling Bits is a crazy good Brussels band that lives under the constant extreme threat of success and does everything to stay in the dark unknowingly. Gathered for the good cause: easy money, organic beer in an eco-cup and commune with living bipedal organisms.
The trio composes unique music evoking sounds of neo-glitch-pop-house-synth-bass-soul-symphonic-trap...
A musical and stylistic mash up like no one else has ever done before and that has clearly benefited mankind.

0.00-... – Polarized x Initial Code (hybrid dj set)
Initial Code and Polarized are two Brussels based dj's and producers. They join their forces to create an unique musical experience, merging hardware machines and dj set. It results in a complex soundscape evolving from ambient to hypnotic techno.

Presale Tickets: 10 euros
Tickets (doors): 1ros

With the kind support of Fuse
Où :
Rue Blaes
1000 Bruxelles
Tarif :
10 euros (prévente) / 12 euros (sur place)
Public :
à partir de 18 ans
Internet :
Catégorie :
Electro, Dance alerte
Artiste(s) :
Macgray, Elefan, Sparkling Bits, Polarized

Jeudi: de 21:00 à 2:00

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