Integral Yoga Course

Ananda Esoteric Yoga Centre Brussels aims to teach yoga in its traditional form. Besides the physical and mental yoga exercises, the essential and fundamental principles of yoga are explained in depth. In this way the practitioners truly understand how and why Yoga works: proving to be a valuable tool for balancing all levels: physical, energetically, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The effects that one may expect from this course are: achieving and keeping the physical health; elimination of stress; calming of the mind; awakening dynamism, vitality and happiness; increasing creativity, will-power and self confidence; opening up to love; increasing the intuition, memory and mental focus; and much more. A unique concept, taught by well experienced teachers.
The first session is free.
Où :
Villa François Gay Woluwé-St-Pierre
Rue François Gay 326
1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
Téléphone :
0483338166 - Pas de réservation
Tarif :
100 euro/ 10 sessions or 12 euro/ 1 session
Public :
à partir de 18 ans
Internet :
Enregistré par :
Mihaela Matei alerte
Catégorie :
Relaxation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong.. alerte

Mercredi: de 19:30 à 21:00
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