Hangman's chair + My Diligence I Zik Zak

Hangman's Chair :

HANGMAN's Chair's fifth album is a trip down to their roots : the parisian suburbs, its bleakness and its nightlife. Going the same way as « This is not supposed to be positive » did in , « Banlieue Triste » displays an even darker and colder atmosphere with more reverb and chorus, drowning itself into deep melancholy. Featuring notable guests (James from Perturbator and Marc from Mongolito and Wolvennest) and a careful blend of instrumentals (« Tara » « Sidi Bel Abbès »), catchy songs (« Naive » « 04 09 16 ») and down tempo tunes (« Negative Male Child »), Hangman's Chair's new record asserts its identity and will undoubtedly leave its mark on


MY Diligence :

Formed in Brussels in late , the music of my Diligence can be characterized as straight up powerful hard rock,
with influences pushing through like Queens of the Stone Age, At The Drive-In, Wolfmother and Clutch.

My Diligence is mixing up a unique chemical rock-n-roll cocktail of their very own. It's about forging ahead and breaking down cliches to find the inner source of originality.

Où :
Salle Zik Zak
Rue de Tubize 28
1460 Ittre
Tarif :
15,25€ / 19€
Public :
à partir de 5 ans
Internet :
Catégorie :
Hard Rock, Métal alerte

Samedi: de 19:30 à 23:30

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