Ground 1 2 3 4 5 Transcription - plein air artistic research workshop

Ground 1, , 4, 5 is a series of plein air workshops on practicing artistic research and exploring different processes of creation.
Artist, designer, educator, cultural worker or (artistic) researcher – interested people from all disciplines are invited to come together in order to share, discuss and challenge their personal ways of doing. Combining theory and practice, the idea is to provide time, space and occasion to meet, try out together, support and inspire each other – in short: re-establishing conditions we have been deprived of in due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
The ambition of the workshops is to interchange approaches and develop key tools that can help to enlarge one’s own practice, methods that can be used and reproduced in other contexts as well.
Every workshop is organized as following:
Throwing the pebble: introduction to the theme of the day
Research lab: time for experiments related to the topic (individually or in group)
Table ronde: moment of sharing experiences, reflexion, discussion and bringing in own projects
Little folly: closing activity, will emerge from the group and it’s needs (We could write a letter to the king, go for a silent walk or launch a thought experiment: what would a fork’s house look like ?)
The site of the plein air workshop will be the Jubelparc, under the arch of triumph.
The workshops will be held safely, according to the Covid-19 sector protocols.
Participation is free. Please inscribe via personal message for the workshop.

1000 Bruxelles
à partir de 18 ans

Dimanche: de 10:00 à 16:00

Cet évènement est terminé. Pour retrouver ce même évènement prochainement, faites une recherche sur le site.

Cette activité a été confirmée le 26/04/2021 compatible avec les directives COVID
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