Festival cirque aérien-tissu-corde trapèze

After more than 3 years of organizing workshops around Europe and Latin America, we have built several parnerships with many schools. This time Avolavit and Eccivol would love to share with you during a weekend many aerial experiences from latin american and european teachers. For this workshop, our special guest will be Pablo Olivares from Mexico (HELIOS school)!


Pablo Olivares (Mexico) : Silks, Trapeze, Rope, Duo, Lyra, Hamoc
Sandrine Streef (Belgium) : Silks, Trapèze, Lyra
Maëlle Audric (France) : Silks, Hamoc, Aerial yoga
Esteban Vin (Belgium) : Silks, Trapeze, Rope
Caroline Collin (Belgium) : Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation
Damián Andrade (Mexico) : Duo Silks, Partner Acrobatics
TIna Levak (Croatia) : Silks, Duo Silks
Lola Rivoir (France) : Silks, Parner Acrobatics, Contortion

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There will be 11 rounds with 3/4 simultaneous different workshops, more than 30 different workshops !

There will be always a workshop for all levels so you can fully enjoy the festival.

The calendar might be slightly modified because we will try to adapt to your demands depending on the resposes to this form. This means that some classes could change or the level during the class. The final planning will be visible during the festival, but don't worry, it won't be very different or maybe the same ;)

The classes will be taught in English/French.

All the warmings will be different and original !

Bring a yoga matress. You will need it for yoga but maybe also for some warmings and stretching !

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Every interested participant can present their own work no matter their level. Also some teachers will present their own work.

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175€ September Early bird All Included
October Normal rate All Included
November Late bird All included

60€ One half day + lunch (1 warming + nsecutif classes morning or afternoon)
75€ One half day + lunch (1 warming + nsecutif classes morning or afternoon) + saturday diner + saturday night show
1Two half days + lunch (1 warming + nsecutif classes morning or afternoon)
130€ Two half days + lunch (1 warming + nsecutif classes morning or afternoon) + saturday diner + saturday night show

All prices include the insurance.

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60€ (non refundable) should be payed maxium 5 days after the inscription. Otherwise your spot will not be reserved.
The transfer can be done to the following accounts : Avolavit, Eccivol or Paypal.

After completing the form, you will receive an email with the payment details.


There will be nches (saturday and sunday) and one diner included (saturday) for the "all included fares".
Breakfasts and diner on friday and sunday are not included. We will give you a list for the nearest places to eat. Bruxelles city center is very near with the metro so you can enjoy the city as well. There is a coffee/shop 50m away from the gym. There will be no fridges to stock food inside the gym. The water in the gym is drinkable.


Unfortunately we cannot offer you a place to sleep. However in the inscription form, we will ask you if you have the possibility to receive someone at your home during the festival. In this case we will ask the guests to bring their own beding clothes and maybe matress. We will contact you.
Où :
Ecole du Cirque Volant
Rue Stevens de Lannoy 111
1020 Laeken
Tarif :
Public :
à partir de 18 ans
Internet :
Catégorie :
Fitness, Remise en Forme alerte

Vendredi: de 19:00 à 21:00
Samedi: de 9:00 à 17:00
Dimanche: de 9:00 à 17:00

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