Fairy Garden – creative children’s activity

Date: arch , 11AM

Did you know that there are still fairies in the town of Gödöll ? But where exactly, you ask ? Well, in abandoned houses, gardens, and between flower petals. Two little fairies sometimes even show up in the Town Museum of Gödöll: their names are Shaggy and Pigtail. Their favorite exhibition is about the artists’ colony of Gödöll. Every now and then they come by and sit about, looking at all the artwork. Pigtail even makes drawings, but Shaggy is not patient enough for that. He just looks at the „old fellows” (in his own words), the funny haircuts and clothes, then he goes to play in the children’s room. Because since last year, the museum has one of those too ! Shaggy loves to think that the room was built especially for him. This is not the case of course, but we should let him believe so, if it makes him happy.

Explore the world of art nouveau with Shaggy and Pigtail, the two fairies.

The activity will be held in Hungarian by Eszter B. Kerényi, director of the Town Museum of Gödöll, and museum-educator Noémi Kovács. We will provide interpretation into French, Dutch and English, so feel free to bring your friends and classmates !
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Institut Balassi
Rue Treurenberg 10
1000 Bruxelles
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de 0 à 12 ans
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Animation,Fête,.. alerte

Dimanche: de 11:00 à 14:00

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