Exhibition Interweaved

To end this summer smoothly, Fracas offers you a new overview on contemporary crafts, art and design with a fresh exhibition putting together ceramics and textile from the young and creative European scene.

Interweaved is an art and design exhibition involving Elena Gileva, a Russian ceramic artist based in London, and Marie Schumann, a German textile designer based in Zürich. The works of these two artists meet in the space of Fracas to play a game of oppositions and correlations.

Marie Schumann exploits the delicacy and fineness of the textile through a singular look that focuses on space and architecture. Her finely woven pieces question the principles and considerations related to textiles. Suspended from metallic structures they become structural elements of the space in which they are located. Games of forms inspired by architectures, enter into dialogue with the textures, the materials and the colors of the chosen threads. The light, reveals the lightness and delicacy of the artworks, in an almost magical way.

The searches of material, texture, color and shapes connect these two artists.

We leave the cityscape to get immersed in the archeological universe of Elena Gileva. Fascinated by the historical and cultural aspects of objects, she tries to understand the formal aspects of artefacts and translates them in a contemporary way. She uses a rich and mysterious formal language, ignoring all minimalism in favor of the exploitation of ornamentation.

The woven threads and the braided clay meet each other, materials and shapes communicate, players of an interlacing game between the works of these two talented artists.
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Fracas Galerie
82 Rue Des Chartreux
1000 Bruxelles
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