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Sisters of Suffocation (NL)

Sisters of Suffocation is an Eindhoven (The Netherlands) based Death Metal band determined to spread their love for extreme music.
Founded in , Sisters of Suffocation have since released their Ep
'brutal Queen' in , the full length album 'Anthology of Curiosities in , and 'Humans Are Broken' has been released via Napalm Records in . The latest album ‘Eradication’ was released on November .
The band has performed at several venues and festivals, including:
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL), MetalDays (Slovenia), Into The Grave
(NL), Lowlands (NL), Metal On The Hill (Austria), Dong Open Air (Germany), Zwarte Cross (NL) and a tour in the Uk.

slaughter The Giant
hailing from Belgium, Slaughter The Giant was formed in and a first try-out show already followed un August of . Since then they played 50+ shows in Belgium, Germany and Holland sharing the line-up with notable bands like Demonical, Psycroptic, Caliban, Aversions Crown, At The Gates, Incantation and Malevolent Creation.
The Melodic Death Metal formation released a well received ep « Asylum Of The Damned » in .
October , marks a newstart after the pandemic with the release of their debut album entitled « Depravity ». After hearing the album, Hammerheart Records was happy to join forces and will take care of the worldwide distribution.
Expect an energetic live show, fast riffing, blastbeats and catchy melodies and solos.

BleedSkin is a Death Metal band from Belgium founded in September by Céline Mazay and Rémy Adam. The main sources of inspiration are metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Abnormality, Dying Fetus, Benighted,. ..
BleedSkin has already had the opportunity to play at Durbuy Rock Festival (Septicflesh, Dark Tranquility, Ensiferum, Asphyx,...), Devil's Rock, Female Metal League, and to open gigs for Crypta (Br), Sinister (Nl), Blood Red Throne (No), Sisters of suffocation (Nl), Skeletal Remains (usa), Debauchery (De), and many more.
The band's first demo -The Rotten One- was released in April .
The demo quickly met with great success in Belgium and the band built up a solid fan base in the region.
In , BleedSkin recorded their first full album: "Blood Reign" - 11tracks.
The first single "Eternal Hatred" was released as a music video.
The album was released on October 0Self-production.
The 30th June , BleedSkin released a new title: “Physical Redemption” with a studio playthrough video. Self-production.
In , the band prepared a new show to present the album ‘blood reign’ (post pandemic) with the help from Sven de Caluwé (Aborted).
obsolete Humanity is a Belgian death metal band formed in December in Liège. The band was born from the efforts of 4 musicians, Tom, Bernard, Innokenty and Simon..
Humanity is obsolete, the value of humanity is the least consideration of the system. Now it's not faith, science or a shared ideology that guides humanity's path. All that remains is inertia. Obsolete Humanity aims to explore this inertia, this nonsense of society. The path is dark, lonely and in the end you die alone. Within humanity, no one cares about your cries.
November saw the release of their self-titled debut Ep. The record was produced by the band and everything was done in-house.
Flawed Genesis, their second Ep, was released on 13 May . Still self-producing, the band are going further, stronger and don't intend to stop there...
Atelier Rock
Quai Dautrebande 7
4500 Huy
Pas de réservation
à partir de 12 ans
Sisters Of Suffocation, Slaughter The Giant, BleedSkin, Obsolete Humanity

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