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I am university-educated with over 18 years of educational experience, including Berklee College of Music in Boston, usa, professional singer, songwriter.

My name is Juliett and I'm a singing and piano teacher, with over 15 years of teaching experience - I was within top 10 tutors in Washington dc. I'm also a singer- songwriter.

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In voice, I teach pop, R&B, jazz and Soul. With the technique of Mix singing. It's the most sought technique after singing techniques in the industry and teaches singers to transition smoothly from chest voice to head voice and receive the full benefits of the vocal range. I will also work on your style and tone quality and may help you with your songwriting as well.

About the piano lessons, I teach both classical and pop styles.

I prepare my students for the stage performances, working as recording artists and helping them to create their own music, style and brand.
I teach in the centre of Brussels, or also via Skype. (I speak just English).

There is a possibility of sharing the session with another person and reducing the price to 35€ each / Hour.

If you have any questions, let me know.
Joyce Gomez
I've tried many vocal coaches over the years and I have been disappointed.I've trained with Juliett for months now. Her teaching approach and vocal techniques have proven to be just great.. I have learnt so much and have come a long way. Its time and money well invested! Highly recommended!!
6 septembre 2018

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