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Hello Everyone.I am experienced Chinese teacher. I used to teach in European Union and international schools. I provide lessons for both children and adults in Brussels. Please contact me for more infomation.
Lukrecija Kireta
Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn Chinese or is planning to visit the country and needs practical advice . Madame Wang was very kind, patient and extremely helpful in explaining not only the details of Chinese language, but also the practical tips and tricks on every aspect of the life in China. It was a pleasure to learn from her.
30 août 2018

Maxime Meftah
She is a true 5* teacher. She uses a very systemic way, yet coupled to a personal approach, of teaching Mandarin that makes the learning of Mandarin a little bit easier and much more enjoyable. She is devoted and passionate about sharing her knowledge of the Chinese language and China in general and you can feel this throughout the classes. Besides, she will never hesitate to provide you with local/insiders tips about living in China and general facts about China that are always good to know and will only expand your general knowledge of this interesting country and even more so language. Yes, I highly recommend her.
24 novembre 2014

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