Transdace&Cacao Ceremony

It is a triple ceremony which combines three powerful ancestral medicines: dance as a path of union with the whole and free expression of being; cocoa, an ancestral Mayan medicine that awakens awareness of feeling and creativity; nature, with its phases and its sacred rituals, leads a great living collective dance of which we are an inseparable part.

This special edition for women aims to connect us with our female ancestors through the medicine of mother cacao and envelops our intention and magic to open the doors of the sunny seasons with enthusiasm and abundance ! We will dance our collective feminine body and vibrate our prayer in silence and full of power to change reality.

On this journey you will be guided through music to connect with yourself, freeing the mind from control and simply allowing the stasis of life to be here and now. After the Transndance Cacao ceremony, it is common to have a feeling of pleasure, deep relaxation and a sense of belonging. It is also possible to release tensions and emotions and heal blockages and intuitions.

I hope we create togheter a beutiful and unforgetable field of love and magic to bless our lifes and the all planet !

More information
Salle Eywa
Rue du Tabaral 12, Baisy-Thy
1470 Genappe
Réservation obligatoire
à partir de 8 ans

Samedi à 19:30

Le 9 mars


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