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La Nuit des célibataires

Le Cactus Club t'invite à sa nuit des célibataires Viens faire la fête toute la nuit le Vendredi 31 mars.. Que tu sois célibataire, en couple ou en mode compliqué...

Vendredi 31 mars - Auderghem 5 km

LISTEN 2017 - A Brussels Future Music Festival

LISTEN! A Brussels Future Music Festival 30, 31 March & 1 April 2017 In March 2017, the second edition of LISTEN! sees the light of day.

Jeudi 30 mars - Bruxelles 4 km

Apéro Afterwork by Brussels Expats

Join us on 29th of March for the next edition of Apéro Afterwork and meet the International community in Brussels.

Mercredi 29 mars - Bruxelles 3 km

Bachata Tuesday's with Nanda * Special Footwork

***Special Edition - Footwork Only*** The only 100% Bachata Party in Brussels *Do you want to dance Bachata. Nanda is offering you a Free Initiation Every Tuesday from 20h...

Aujourd'hui à 21h - Mardi 28 mars - Bruxelles 5 km

Le Buzz

' Le Buzz ! ', tout le monde en parle ! Tous les mercredis et parfois le week-end, sur chaque table, un buzzer. Huit équipes relèvent le défi pour le meilleur et pour le rire.

Mercredi 29 mars - Etterbeek GratuitEnfants 6+4 km

Inky Poo + Kayaak

*Inky-Poo* soundcloud.com/inky-poo Live extract: www.youtube.com/watch.v=ajfhoVOI6cM *Kayaak* Synthetic bestiary upwelling from the fluorescent depth of imaginary oceans...

Mercredi 29 mars - Bruxelles 5 km

David Guetta b2b Bob Sinclar

The day you were waiting for since we opened is finally happening! David Guetta b2b Bob Sinclar, in what promises to be the best back to back of the year.

Samedi 1er avril - Bruxelles 5 km

Naughty Girls - Lesbian Party 淘气女孩

Thanks to the its sexy touch and all the succes, ng become an unavoidable party for the lesbian target. The 2.0 version takes place at the "Club Clandestin"...

Samedi 1er avril - Bruxelles LGBTQI4 km

Russian International AfterWork

Mercredi 29 mars - Bruxelles 5 km

In 80's we trust

Tous les mercredis "in 80's we trust" "Remember the days when dancing was a religion...children of the 80's here we come .

Mercredi 29 mars - Bruxelles Gratuit5 km


Samedi 1er avril - Bruxelles 3 km

Free Tapas .Spanish Touch- International Party

Vendredi 31 mars - Bruxelles 4 km

First Art Party

Art'n'joy is a party where people get together to have fun, relax and create their own pictures. A professional artist will guide our guests through the whole process.

Mercredi 29 mars - Saint-Gilles Enfants 10+3 km

Invasion Latina

Samedi 1er avril - Bruxelles 5 km

Molenbar at Brass'art

Molenbar: Molenbeek's first bike drink @ Brass'art ! Venez nous rejoindre en clôture de la masse critique pour prendre un verre et découvrir les nouveaux services de Molenbike .

Vendredi 31 mars - Molenbeek-Saint-Jean GratuitEnfants 6+6 km

Reggae Bring Back Love Part.6 afterwork event "Caribbean Style"

We prepare the holiday with Reggae Bring Back Love Part.6 special "Caribbean Style" with Dj Doctor Pepper from Jamaica, a afterwork event.

Jeudi 30 mars - Bruxelles Gratuit5 km

Rock'n'roll night club / ladies'night

Every Tuesday "Rock'n'Roll Nightclub "First 200 drinks free for girls Starting at 11 Pm. free entrance from 10 pm till 4 Am.

Aujourd'hui à 22h - Mardi 28 mars - Bruxelles Gratuit5 km

Hard hits all-nite

Every Thursday 'hard-Hits all-nite' Free entrance from 10 pm till 4 am. Tous les jeudis 'hard-Hits all-nite' Entrée gratuite de 22h00 à 04h00. A fine selection from our favorite resident Dj's.

Jeudi 30 mars - Bruxelles Gratuit5 km


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