The Ecc team are proud to present this year's panto – Cinderella
Come on down to Hardup Hall, to join Cinderella and her best friend Buttons ! Cinderella always makes the best of everything, but her horrible stepmother and hideous stepsisters try to make sure she is as miserable as possible ! And while Cinderella sweeps the floors of Hardup Hall, at the Royal Palace a certain Prince Charming dreams of finding someone who will love him for who he truly is…
Bringing the Prince and Cinderella into each other's lives will take some real magic – so it's lucky for all of us that Cinderella has a fairy godmother ! But with two inept trainee fairies looking after things, get set for a whole lot of topsy-turvy silliness on the way to Cinderella's happy ever after.
With enchanted pumpkins, sparkling slippers, toe-tapping songs and loads of fun, this brand-new production is sure to delight young and old alike. Oh yes it is !
Centre Culturel d'Auderghem
183 Bld du Souverain
1160 Auderghem
Adultes 16 euros Enfants 12 euros
à partir de 3 ans
Comédie Musicale alerte

Vendredi : de 20:00 à 22:30
Samedi : de 13:30 à 16:00 et 17:00 à 19:30
Dimanche : de 13:30 à 16:00 et 17:00 à 19:30

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